Bonding with my bump 



Good Saturday Morning!

It was such a beautiful morning today and Koko slept until almost 11! (mom brag, she loves her crib and sleeping in) I have had enough time to make breakfast, do laundry, and wash the floors. Now I am enjoying a few minutes with my bump on our front porch. I am 32 weeks now and I am seriously getting so anxious to meet this guy but I have SO much to do for him. I have been shopping for new things and recently I upgraded our baby monitoring system and I am really excited to use the wifi mobile app feature from the hospital to check in with Koko after my delivery.

I am also trying to bond with my bump these last few weeks. My pregnancy has flown by and I really need to enjoy these moments because I decided I will not be having more kids after this. (more on that later) So did any of you play classical music while you were pregnant? I read it can make babies smarter. I did with Koko and she is really smart, maybe coincidence lol. I think it is a great way to relax and bond with your bump even if it doesnt make the baby smarter, so I have been trying to do the same this pregnancy when I can. What are some ways you bond with your bump? and how did you prepare your kids for bringing home a new baby? I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your day loves! Im off to run some errands and then come back and float in the pool with my fav tiny human! ❤



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Donut grow up


My baby turns TWO tomorrow on the Fourth of July…  Kourtney aka KOKO lights up the world. I am so proud of her and all she has learned in two years. It really is incredible how fast they grow up. That is why this year the theme of her shoot was DONUT GROW UP. I feel it is important to give her her own theme since she was born on the 4th and everyone is celebrating our countries birthday I want her to also feel special.  We had so much fun at GLAZED donut shop and thank them for making such delicious gluten free and vegan donuts! Tomorrow we will celebrate KOKO and our country and feel so blessed to be American and have such a sweet loving daughter.

Kokos outfit



Hope everyone celebrating July 4th has a safe and fun day.



“Stars and stripes”


Hey babes!

I can’t even believe July is here already…. July is a huge month for my family. So it comes and goes so quickly since we are celebrating all month.

Kev and I met July 1! Kokos bday is July 4th! our wedding anniversary is July 5th! Kevs bday is July 25!

We plan to celebrate this year with a family vacation at the beach. It will be Kokos second time at the beach since the first time she went she was only 1 and not yet walking at the time. Kev and I are really savoring these last few weeks we have as a family of 3 and spoiling Koko tons!

My 30+ week bump can’t be hidden anymore so I am totally going to flaunt it from now until I give birth.   I found this nonmaternity outfit at Macys and DSW you can shop it here.  I sized up to a Medium shirt and a 25 short and used a belly band. Seriously the star’s shoes are adorable and can easily be worn all summer, they look so cute with cutoff shorts like I styled them here.

Thanks for stopping by!


“take it easy”

IMG_6843 (2)

yessss I am so tan in this pic! The fact that I got a spray tan today and I am in the shadow just make me look like a tan mom wannabe…. but no really I am just the biggest fan of spray tans.😇

This week I entered the home stretch of pregnancy! 8 weeks left! whooop whooop. So far I feel great, besides the terribly painful varicose veins that I have. I have decided to just chill and take it easy the next few weeks. I have a scheduled csection on Aug 25th. Two months to go! I am so excited… I find myself taking every moment with Koko and cherishing it so much. It’s not long till I need to divide my attention between the two kids. I am feeling sad about having to split myself, but I am so excited to grow this lovely little family that Kev and I built.

The sunnies I am wearing are from ilymix use code marie20 for 20% off your order!

This lightweight sweatshirt is sold out but it is from vici dolls  I linked a cute option for you, which I think I may order since it is on sale!! 🍕

The rest of my outfit details can be found on my shopstyle app



❤ cheers to taking it easy (I’m drinking seltzer)


Face Masks by Sephora

IMG_6755This pregnancy has been so rough on my skin and with the long list of things to avoid
I had to put a lot of my acne products in the cabinet for hibernation… So I discovered the mask collection at Sephora and have been loving them! I use a little every night in conjunction with my typical nightly routine. I really notice my skin looking healthy and vibrant when I wake up in the morning.




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Floral for the win

IMG_5750 (3)

Hey Babes!

I went exploring in old Deerfield to get this shot. I felt like the print really needed a rustic background. Old Deerfield is such a gorgeous place to walk, but there is also a really great restaurant called Champneys. We love it because of the gluten free fried calamari, and fish and chips! Kev and I go there to get our fried food fix. Which has been often lately thanks to my pregnancy cravings. I do have to be careful though, I noticed my skin realllllly has a hard time processing unhealthy food. I have been using sheet masks and sleep masks from Sephora almost daily during this pregnancy to keep breakouts away.



Maxi dress B Darlin Juniors’ Floral-Print Pleated Maxi Dress by B. Darlin

Maternity Cold Shoulder Cami with Lace Trim by Asos


The sun has scarcely been available this spring, which means I am pale as a ghost. I wore this cami with jeans to my Brothers high school graduation. I cant believe he is going to college. There is 10 years difference between us so thinking of him grown up is just strange. After the graduation we hung out with family and then went out for pizza. Our favorite place for pizza in the 413 is Joes in Northampton, Kevin and I are gluten free so we hunt good GF food. Joes has a really good pizza! We each order our own and hardly ever bring home leftovers, its that good!


ASOS Maternity TALL Cold Shoulder Cami with Lace Trim by Asos