“take it easy”

IMG_6843 (2)

yessss I am so tan in this pic! The fact that I got a spray tan today and I am in the shadow just make me look like a tan mom wannabe…. but no really I am just the biggest fan of spray tans.😇

This week I entered the home stretch of pregnancy! 8 weeks left! whooop whooop. So far I feel great, besides the terribly painful varicose veins that I have. I have decided to just chill and take it easy the next few weeks. I have a scheduled csection on Aug 25th. Two months to go! I am so excited… I find myself taking every moment with Koko and cherishing it so much. It’s not long till I need to divide my attention between the two kids. I am feeling sad about having to split myself, but I am so excited to grow this lovely little family that Kev and I built.

The sunnies I am wearing are from ilymix use code marie20 for 20% off your order!

This lightweight sweatshirt is sold out but it is from vici dolls  I linked a cute option for you, which I think I may order since it is on sale!! 🍕

The rest of my outfit details can be found on my shopstyle app



❤ cheers to taking it easy (I’m drinking seltzer)


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