“Stars and stripes”


Hey babes!

I can’t even believe July is here already…. July is a huge month for my family. So it comes and goes so quickly since we are celebrating all month.

Kev and I met July 1! Kokos bday is July 4th! our wedding anniversary is July 5th! Kevs bday is July 25!

We plan to celebrate this year with a family vacation at the beach. It will be Kokos second time at the beach since the first time she went she was only 1 and not yet walking at the time. Kev and I are really savoring these last few weeks we have as a family of 3 and spoiling Koko tons!

My 30+ week bump can’t be hidden anymore so I am totally going to flaunt it from now until I give birth.   I found this nonmaternity outfit at Macys and DSW you can shop it here.  I sized up to a Medium shirt and a 25 short and used a belly band. Seriously the star’s shoes are adorable and can easily be worn all summer, they look so cute with cutoff shorts like I styled them here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Author: Megan Marie

Meganmariekomosa.com is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog created by Megan Marie, Megan invites you to follow along as she juggles life as a stay at home mom and wife.

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