Bonding with my bump 



Good Saturday Morning!

It was such a beautiful morning today and Koko slept until almost 11! (mom brag, she loves her crib and sleeping in) I have had enough time to make breakfast, do laundry, and wash the floors. Now I am enjoying a few minutes with my bump on our front porch. I am 32 weeks now and I am seriously getting so anxious to meet this guy but I have SO much to do for him. I have been shopping for new things and recently I upgraded our baby monitoring system and I am really excited to use the wifi mobile app feature from the hospital to check in with Koko after my delivery.

I am also trying to bond with my bump these last few weeks. My pregnancy has flown by and I really need to enjoy these moments because I decided I will not be having more kids after this. (more on that later) So did any of you play classical music while you were pregnant? I read it can make babies smarter. I did with Koko and she is really smart, maybe coincidence lol. I think it is a great way to relax and bond with your bump even if it doesnt make the baby smarter, so I have been trying to do the same this pregnancy when I can. What are some ways you bond with your bump? and how did you prepare your kids for bringing home a new baby? I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your day loves! Im off to run some errands and then come back and float in the pool with my fav tiny human! ❤



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